WCLM Lotus Corral & Track Parade

Saturday, July 6th, was another big day for the 2013 WCLM beginning with the Pacific Northwest Historic Races at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.

The WCLMers were treated to track side parking in the club car corrals. With the collection of cars from the WCLM the Lotus numbers swelled to over 60 and outnumbered the Porsches!

We had the morning to walk the paddock and watch the morning sessions. Again box lunches were supplied and handed out and soon it was time to line up in the hot pits for the noon track parade.

Our colorful line of Lotus cars were the first to get a session of 3 parade pace laps of the Pacific Raceway. A circuit lined with trees and greenery with 10 twisting turns that dropped and climbed the side mountain. It was a crowd pleasing sight to see all of these Lotus cars filling the circuit!