WCLM Drive & Snoqualmie Casino Dinner

After the visit to the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Washington the WCLMers had the option to participate in the WCLM Autocross or go on a longish scenic drive through the Cascades ending at the Snoqualmie Casino.

The WCLMers closely split in two, half on the drive and half to the autocross and they would all meet at the Snoqualmie Casino for exclusive parking and dinner.

The drive through the Cascades featured some of the best and most scenic Lotus roads in the globe. Each new vista seemed to be more breathtaking than the last. The frequent and well spaced stops allowed the group to soak in the full majesty of the Cascade mountains and time to meet and visit with their new Lotus friends.

The WCLM Cascade Drive ended at the Snoqualmie Casino, operated by Snoqualmie tribe of the Coast Salish peoples. The recently opened facility set facing the Cascade mountains and the WCLM was treated to secure parking on the top of the parking deck that featured an amazing 270 degree backdrop of the sunseting on the mountains!

The WCLM car park featured a no-host bar and a Cigar bar. As the WCLMers gathered over 50 Lotus cars were treated like royalty. Eventually hunger set in and we were escorted to the Falls Buffet inside the Snoqualmie Casino.

There no hungry Lotus folk this night! The Falls Buffet rivaled any of the best. This was Friday, so it was Seafood night and there were mountains of fresh crab, fish and fresh shrimp that fell out of an ice sculpture made like a slot machine! The Carvery featured an assortment of meats and there was a Asian bar that was highlighted by chefs cooking your selection of noodles, vegetables and meats on a hot flat iron grill. And, then there were desserts, pies, cakes, ice cream, mousse and more!