WCLM Car Show & Dinner at the LeMay Museum

The LeMay America's Car Museum was billed as the cornerstone event of the WCLM and it did not disappoint!

After the Pacific Northwest Historic Car Races the WCLM moved south to the city of Tacoma to the show lawn area of the LeMay. Nearly 70 Lotus cars from the WCLM assembled for a casual, fun Lotus car show. LeMay visitors were treated to an unexpected sight. Cars ranged from a Mk 14 Elite, Sevens, early Elans, Europas, early Esprits, Esprit Turbos, Esprit V8s, Elise, Exige, a late model Elite, and Evoras.

As the car show wound down we were brought into a private banquet room in the LeMay for dinner followed by awards for the WCLM Autocross and WCLM Car Show. Then we were treated to a brief, but entertaining talk by Indy Racer and LeMay Board Member, Dominic Dobson. Dobson revealed he drove a Lotus 61 Formula Ford early in his racing career and shared with us how Harold LeMay, owner of a refuge company in the Tacoma area a massed over 3,500 cars in what is considered the largest private car collection.

After Dobson we were let loose into the museum for 2 hours for a private viewing! Imagine have a giant toy store all to yourself! Truely a highlight and an experience to remember for ages.