WCLM Autocross at Bellevue Community College

One of the most anticipated events of any WCLM is the autocross. This casual competition pits drivers against a tight twisty temporary course in their effort to post the lowest time.

The WCLM Autocross was held at the Bellevue Community College only minutes from the Red Lion Hotel. While the size of the lot made for a tight course, it was high on fun as about 20 WCLMers got in 6 runs each.

Top time of the day went to Rahul H. in his WCM Ultralight Seven with an amazing 31.165. Most entertaining run(s) was cornered by Dana J. and Chad G. with Chad yelling out instructions to "Go faster!!!" to Dana while she was trying to maneuver through the pylons only to stomp on the throttle (per Chad's instructions) and wipe out 4 or 5 cones!

Best Elise/Exige run went to Rob D. with a 32.269 in his Lotus Cup Elise. Discounting the "race tires" on Rob's Elise, Mark A. in his Sport Elise threw down a 32.915. Scott W. landed a 34.145 in his Evora S. The most number of cones toppled in a single run was a tie with 5 cones each by Rahul and Dana!

Things wrapped up a little after 4:30 giving all enough time to get cleaned up and off to an enjoyable evening.

WCLM Autocross Results (pdf)